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Escorts in Karachi: A discrete location for sex tourism in Pakistan

Most people in the western world probably haven’t heard of this city. But, for those living in India and nearby countries, know pretty well this place. Just in case you are one of those who have no idea about Karachi, Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan, and by far. To make some comparisons, Karachi counts with almost 15 million inhabitants and the second-biggest city counts with 11 million inhabitants. That’s a huge difference! And it’s even bigger compared with the capital of the country, Islamabad, having just 1 million people living.
Normally, the more inhabitants, the better chances of finding better escorts, right? Well, not everything is that simple. We recommend you to keep reading in order to discover everything you need to know about sex tourism and escorts in Karachi and Pakistan in general.
We’ll start talking exactly about the situation of prostitution in Pakistan, how you can find escorts to satisfy you and some other recommendations related. Then, we’ll continue talking about the red-lights districts of Karachi, where to find them and what you should keep in mind if you dare to visit them. Finally, we’ll talk in more details about sex tourism in Karachi, trying to explain what kind of venues you will be able to find, how they are and more or less, how to find them.

Beautiful escort lying down showing her face

Escorts in Karachi

Pakistan is a country which has strong Muslim influence. Well, maybe extreme influence describes it better. So, prostitution in this country isn’t only illegal but extremely wrong culturally talking. Due to this, finding hookers or escorts can be a hard task. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a hand on how to find fun in Karachi.

Before hiring sexual services in Karachi, there are some things that you should keep in mind. First, Pakistan has high rates of sexual exploitation, so if you are going to hire a hooker, sometimes is hard to know if she’s working completely independently or if there’s a pimp behind taking half her revenues. How exactly does it work? As you read, a pimp will guarantee the security of the girl in terms of providing her food, shelter, and security against the authorities. What’s the price? Half of her incomes.

Many sex prostitutes working in these conditions are being exploited and working against their will. It’s true that some others come to pimps willingly, but we have to admit that this is still harrowing. So, keep in mind that if you are going to hire a girl who is working on the streets or in a massage parlor, the possibilities that she’s being exploited are high.

What can you do to avoid hiring a girl who is being exploited? The best you can do is hiring a girl who is working independently on internet. Here we’ll teach you in how you can find escorts in Karachi online and what things you have to keep in mind to proceed safely. And that’s exactly what we’ll show you now.

Hiring escorts in Karachi Online

Hiring escorts online is a pretty simple task. Anyway, if you happen to be new to the field, and you don’t know where to search escorts in Karachi or don’t know how to proceed to hire them, keep reading. Otherwise, you can skip this part and go straight to our recommendations.

So, the first you should know is that there are several kinds of websites to find escorts. You can find escorts or call girls in directories or agencies. Some escorts who are pretty famous count with own websites, but we won’t talk about them in this case.

Then, let’s focus on escort directories and escort agencies. To put it bluntly, an agency advertises escorts but if a client wants to hire a particular escort, he has to call the agency. Agencies never display the escorts’ phone numbers. In general, agencies are safer for both the client and the escort.

On the other hand, escorts directories are websites where escorts or call girls can post their own advertisements. Summarizing, here you will find independent escorts. How do they exactly work? It will depend on the directory. Some allow escorts to share their post or profiles without any kind of supervision. In general, here you will find the cheapest escorts since they don’t have money to be advertised in better sites. But be careful, escorts may be cheaper, but scams can happen more frequently here. Mainly because there’s no control of the veracity of the profiles. So, if you see a girl who is extremely hot and her price is too low, that is a pretty evident scam.

Best escorts websites in Karachi

As we mentioned before, you won’t be lucky in finding a huge variety in escorts. Normally, it’s most frequent to find the best escorts in escorts agencies. In this case, we found escorts agencies, but none of them seemed trustable enough to be recommended here. So, our only recommendation for you to find escorts in Karachi online is the following:

Euro Girls Escorts

Being one of the most popular escorts directories in the world, with Euro Girls Escorts you will be able to find some trustable and independent escorts in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan. So, as we said, this is a directory. The site is very trustable, but still we recommend you to be careful with those profiles which aren’t verified. How to realize if they are verified? Pretty simple, they will have a badged on their profiles. If they are unverified, they will have a black badged. If they are verified, this badge will be blue.

How does the site work and look? As you enter to the site, you will see the pictures of many escorts offering their services in Karachi. Over their pictures, you will find their names. Also, in the upper part of their pictures, you will find the badges we mentioned before.

If you want to know more about a girl, all you have to do is click on their photos. Once you are in a profile, you will be able to see all kinds of details from color of hair or eyes to size of breast and more. Also, you can find her phone number in here too. Remember! If the escort is unverified, the chances of being scammed are high. So, be careful of sending money beforehand. Anyway, how to proceed to hire an escort? All you have to do is add her number and write her a message. Normally, all escorts tend to use whatsapp. So, here you agree all the details of the session such as place, time, special services, etc.

Red-lights Districts in Karachi

When we talk about red-lights districts in a European city, in general, we are talking about something positive and a lot of fun. But, in the case of Karachi and any part of Pakistan, this isn’t good news. Restating what we have already said before, the business of prostitution is totally illegal and rejected in the Pakistani society. The matter isn’t only a fact of reputation, but security. As we said before, sexual exploitation is something that occurs pretty often in Pakistan and most girls, maybe not all, but a good number of them aren’t working willingly. So, we don’t recommend sex tourism in Karachi or in Pakistan in general. But, if you really want to do it, it’s up to you.

Said that, we have to admit that red-lights districts aren’t something that common in Pakistan. And, the ones which exist are normally control by criminal organizations. In the case of Karachi, there’s only one red-lights district, let’s learn more about it.

Napier Road

As the name of the place suggests, this red-lights district in Karachi is a road. But it isn’t just a simple road, but an important and crowded commercial street. Sounds crazy, but that’s the truth.

What can you find here? Well, venues are way more discreet than in any other country. You will be able to find erotic massage parlors, mini brothels inside big apartment buildings and not much more than that. If you walk along this road, you will feel as if you were walking in any other part of the city. So, if you want to meet the erotic site of Napier Road, you will need contacts. Another way to find more information about this is with taxi drivers. Some of them may be kind and give you information. Others don’t like the topic, so be careful. They will probably look bad at you and no more than that, but still a bad experience.

Regarding the girls you can find, don’t expect a high quality and even less, an excellent service. If that’s what you want, we recommend you to hire an escort in an escort directory.

Sex Tourism in Karachi

At this point of the blog, you may already know what we are going to tell you now. Indeed, sex tourism in Karachi is lame. There isn’t much to do or see in this aspect. Of course, there are some activities, but nothing that stands out. Anyway, in this section we’ll talk about the different kinds of sex tourism venues, how they are in Karachi or if they exist.

Gentlemen’s clubs in Karachi

Also known as strip clubs or striptease clubs, you most likely already know what they are about. Well, unfortunately for you, if you love strip clubs, you will be disappointed because there’s utterly no strip clubs in Karachi and in Pakistan in general.

The best you can do is hiring an escort who is good at dancing. It isn’t rare to find excellent dancers. Many girls like practicing mujra, which is a typical dance in Pakistan, not very different from Arabian dance.

Escort girl who is also a masseuse

Erotic Massage Parlors in Karachi

These places are practically brothels disguised as massage parlors. Of course, if you attend to one, you will get a massage. But, don’t expect an excellent massage, since most girls aren’t even actual massage professionals.

With massage parlors you will be more lucky, there are many massage parlors in Karachi, specially in Napier road. Anyway, as we told you before, the places are well hidden, so, it won’t be easy to find them if you don’t have contacts.

Regarding the quality of the service and girls, expect a regular quality. Some girls are gorgeous, but their skills at massaging may not be the best. If you want better massages and girls, again, we recommend you looking for an escort online. In general, you will find cuter girls and more skillful.

Swinger clubs in Karachi

If you know what swinger clubs are, you may already know what to expect from this atmosphere in Pakistan. Just in case you don’t know, swinger clubs are clubs where people who are into exchanging couples. Meaning that a husband will willingly share his wife with another man in exchange for the wife of the other. Or even, just share his wife with another man and without expecting something in exchange, just in order to see the action, this is called voyeurism.

So, knowing what swinging is and knowing the culture of Pakistan, the answer to the question “are there swinger clubs in Pakistan?” is pretty simple. Not at all, there aren’t any swinger clubs in Karachi. Even worse, some years ago, people would go to jail if they were discovered having participation in any kind of activities related with swinging. Nowadays, Pakistani society has improved a bit in this aspect and there are more swinger couples than you could imagine. But, since there are no clubs, the only way to find them is only.

Summarizing, we recommend you to avoid swinging at all cost if you are in Pakistan, remember that this is a Muslim country and such things is considered Haram (basically a sin). So, you’d better look for another country if you want to have this kind of fun.

BDSM in Karachi

We can’t negate that BDSM is present in all the world. For those new to the atmosphere, BDSM stand for all the fetishes involving sadomasochism, domination, and submission.

So, definitively talking about this with an average Pakistani is crazy. Most people are very close-minded when it comes to these topics, so, don’t even dare to bring the topic. Anyway, as we said, deep inside, there are a lot of people who want to experiment and try new things.

If you thought we were going to say that there are BDSM clubs in Karachi, sorry to let you down, but there’s nothing. However, if you search, you will find a lot of people looking for a couple to play. Of course, we don’t recommend it at all, but this shows that there are people who actually are into this.

So, if you happen to be a man looking for an escort who dominates you, the best you can do is hiring an escort who also works as a mistress. There aren’t many, but definitively you will find one.

Nudist beaches in Karachi

If you ever asked this to a Pakistani, he would laugh hard at you. He wouldn’t even know if you are kidding or actually asking this. To put it bluntly, you will never even see a woman wearing a bikini in public, way less being nude. So, the answer to the question is pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any other nudist destination nearby. When it comes to nudist beaches or places in Asia, the best options are Thailand or Russia.

Sex shops in Karachi

As you may be expecting, there aren’t sex shops in Karachi, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a demand for these products. So, there may not be physical stores, but there are people who sell online. Also, many Pakistani tend to buy products in international markets like Alibaba, for example.

So, if you are planning to play with some toys, the best would be to carry them before going to the country.

Motels in Karachi

Regarding motels, most likely you won’t find motels, but there are several hotel rooms which you can use for the same. Of course, be careful and don’t make it too obvious that you are bringing a call-girl or escort with you. Also, no need to mention that you shouldn’t make much noise. Other guests would report you immediately.

Security in Karachi

If it’s the first time you are visiting Karachi, then you should read this section in order to avoid possible dangers and scams. Since Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and also, one of the biggest in the world, it isn’t surprising to know that the rates of crime are pretty high. In this section, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in details, so you feel safer if you ever visit the city.


First, crimes such as murder, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnappings and more aren’t rare in Karachi. The possibilities that some of this happen to you are very low, as long as you don’t go to the most dangerous neighborhoods. We’ll talk about them in the following section.

However, if you are a tourist, you should be more preoccupied for another kind of crime, pickpocketing. Fortunately, there isn’t risk of getting murdered or kidnapped, but nobody wants to lose its belongings. Pickpocketers are good at recognizing foreigners and are very skilled. So, in most cases, you wouldn’t even realize you had got stolen. However, you can avoid getting robbed if you know certain things.

Firstly, you should never carry too many things and money. For starters, don’t bring an amount of money that you know you won’t actually spend in the same day. Second, don’t brink all your valuables. It makes no sense carrying your laptop in a bag if you don’t really need it for the day.

The most dangerous neighborhoods

As in any big city, there are sectors which are more dangerous than others. In general, if you are a tourist, the most usual is that you are going to visit only touristic areas, which always tend to be safer, except for pickpocketers of course. Anyway, in the case you are planning or must visit other parts of the city, let us inform you which are the most dangerous neighborhoods.

If you ask this to a local, he actually won’t be so sure what to answer, the city is big and most citizens haven’t and won’t ever visit all neighborhoods. But, through an investigation reading forums, we reached the conclusion that the most dangerous neighborhoods in Karachi are the followings:

These 4 neighborhoods are said to be under control of the local Mafias, so you should specially avoid them: Lyari, Azizabad, Golimar, Lalukhet. The following neighborhoods aren’t actually so dangerous, but are definitively poorer than the average, for this reason, you should be careful if you are walking around here and avoid it at night. They are: Orangi, Korangi, Landhi, Sher Shah, New Karachi, Surjani Town, Malir city and Manghopir.


The first you should know is that in this country, as in India, cars drives on the left lane. So, if you aren’t used to driving on the left, we recommend you to avoid the wheel at all cost. Why? Well, mainly because Pakistani drivers can be a bit imprudent, and if you aren’t used to their way of driving, you will be in problems. The situation is even worse in a city as big as Karachi.

So, what means of transport shall I take? We recommend you 2 options. The first are rickshaws, the typical mini taxis that you can also find in India. They are a nice mean of transportation if you are moving around crowded areas in the center of the city during the day. In the case you need to go to a farther place and even worse, during the night, the most recommended is calling an Uber.


Being a neighbor to one of the most dangerous and terrorist countries in the world, Afghanistan, it is pretty evident that the situation with terrorism in Pakistan isn’t the best. The issue is even worse in Karachi, being a big city, there are several spots of interest for the terrorist. The possibilities of being a victim of a terrorist attack are extremely low. Anyway, let us give you some advice to avoid it at 100%. So, if a terrorist is going to attack, this is going to be in a government building, such as police station, military headquarters, among others. Another juicy spot are political manifestations. It isn’t rare to find terrorist who attach bombs to their bodies and explode amid manifestations in order to provoke a lot of casualties. Summarizing, if you avoid these spots, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Common scams

In this case, we’ll mention frequent scams that occur to average tourists and then some other specific scams which are aimed to sex tourists.

Taxi drivers (Average Tourist)

When you are traveling, the necessity of transport is always present. It’s here where you might find one of the most common scams. Taxi drivers can easily identify foreigners. Most of them are kind and honest. But, there are others who will take advantage of the situation. So, knowing that you don’t have knowledge of the prices, they may charge you more than usual or even, driving you to your destination through a longer route in order to make more profit.

Fake Police (Average Tourist)

The following scam happens pretty often too. We’re talking about fake police. This might happen to you if you are driving a car. How does this scam work? Basically, a police officer or a pair will ask you to stop your car. Nothing bad here. The issue is when they ask you to pay them a so-called “Traffic Ticket Fee”. Such a fee doesn’t exist. However, many tourists get desperate at the moment and tend to immediately pay the fees without thinking the situation.

The best you can do in this situation, now that you are aware of the scam, is simply ask for their IDs. All police officers must carry their IDs and have to show them if they are asked. If they don’t want to show it, it’s definitively a scam. Just tell them that you are sorry, but that you won’t deal with a police officer who can’t prove that he actually is.

Overpriced food and souvenirs (Average Tourist)

This is a typical scam. Since shopkeepers are aware of the fact that you may not know the actual value of things, scamming you isn’t a problem. However, you can avoid this scam by investigating a bit the price of things by internet beforehand. If the owner of the shops keep insisting, you could show him proves that he’s actually charging way too more than average. In the case of a souvenir, just let it go, and he may say: ok, I will make you a better offer, before letting you go.

Currency Exchange (Average Tourist)

Pakistan uses rupee, and as most countries, locals will only accept payments in this currency. So, it’s important that you have them. The issue is where to find them. Well, the most and only recommended is to exchange them in a bank or company which has experience on the field. Where is the scam? You may get scammed if you try to buy currency to locals on the street. This is dangerous for 2 reasons. First, they may charge you more than the actual price. But, this can be easily avoided if you checked the value of the currency with anticipation. What is hard to detect is the veracity of the bills you are getting. How do you know they aren’t fake? Well, this could happen to you if you buy on the streets.

Blackmail (Sexual Tourist)

Now, let’s talk about scams that can occur to you as a sexual tourist. The first one that you should be aware of is blackmailing. How could someone blackmail me? Well, let’s say, for example, that you go to a massage parlor and have some action there. Now, let’s suppose there was a hidden camera there. Scammers could menace of spreading your content. This may be very dangerous if you are a popular person. Of course, this isn’t something that happens very often, but let’s review some recommendations in order to avoid it.

First, there are two ways in which this could happen. The first could be in a physical place, as the example above. How to avoid the scam? The best you can do is analyzing the place with your sight, look at the corners and the furniture. If you want to check a piece of furniture closer, act as if you were interested in the furniture and approach to check, if everything is alright, you can proceed with the action.

A different case can be through sexting or video call sex. This can be even more dangerous. If you are into this and want to do it safely, there are certain things you can do. First, never show your face, whether it is a picture or a video call. Second, if you have tattoos or accessories which can rat you out, hide them or try not to show them so easily. Third, avoid doing it in a known room of your house since this could rat you out easily too. Following the mentioned recommendations, you shouldn’t have serious problems with scams.

Paying in advance (Sexual Tourist)

This is a common scam that can happen mainly when you hire an escort online. We have already talked about this, but let’s review it. So, it’s common to pay an escort or call-girl in advance, but be careful because some profiles could be fake.

Making you pay more (Sexual Tourist)

Let’s suppose you hire a call-girl or escort and the price for regular sex has already been settled. Everything alright, but suddenly, she starts to offer more services. Probably, you accept it without thinking. When the section ends, she charges you a lot more than established. In theory, she’s right, so beside what you have already agreed, you will have to pay more for the other extras. In case you don’t want to pay, these girls are usually accompanied by a man who will make sure you pay her. How to avoid this? Arrange all the service you want beforehand and if she starts offering extras ask the prices before accepting.

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